Hip to Waste

Hip to Waste is a weekly newsletter of personal essays, criticism, interviews, playlists, and recommendations from me, Safy-Hallan Farah. I’ve been writing online and in print for almost a decade, most notably for Nylon Magazine (before its print division shuttered), Still Here, and Paper Magazine, where I had a brief stint as a Night Editor. I’ve interviewed a lot of interesting people over the years, Barry Jenkins, Alia Shawkat, Imaan Hammam, Ilhan Omar, and the originator of the “it me” meme to name a few. I’m most proud of my writing on not knowing how to drive, alt accounts, and livestreaming the revolution.

I think about feminine sadness a lot. I love zines, design, social psychology, sustainable fashion, aesthetics, pop music, alternative rock, Shamir Bailey, it girls, and early aughts internet culture.

I’m currently writing a book on coolness. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

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